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A network of scientists working together on land-use problems in East Africa

Lucid Project - Expected Project Output

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The following scientific results are expected:

  1. A better understanding of land-use and land-cover dynamics over the last 5 decades for several study areas across East Africa.
  2. Identification of driving forces of land-use/-cover change; development of models linking these driving forces to the observed land-use/-cover changes.
  3. A better understanding of the consequences of land-use/land cover change for people and ecosystems.
  4. A cadre of trained scientists and policy makers who better understand land-use change and can implement policies to improve land management.

The following types of outputs are expected over the next five years:

  1. A considerable number of project reports and papers in international peer-reviewed journals with themes of LUCC relevance.
  2. Further conceptual development of the specific and generic drivers of land-use/land cover change.
  3. Development of methodologies; e.g, ecological and social monitoring systems, role playing for policy makers, generic models of land-use change, how to use land use change to identify and monitor changes in biodiversity and land degradation.
  4. Development of a wide range of models and scenarios to help policy makers better understand how different policy and management interventions will affect land use, ecosystems and people.
  5. Creation of GIS and remote sensing data-bases, including both physical-biological and socio-economic data, for all the study areas.
  6. Establishment of in-country capacity to carry out research and monitoring activities, and to develop more informed policies concerning land-use/-cover change.
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