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A network of scientists working together on land-use problems in East Africa

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LUCID is a network of scientists at leading national and international institutions who have been studying land use change in East Africa and its implications for land degradation, biodiversity, and climate change for many years. While scientific exchanges had been ongoing for years, LUCID network was finally formalized in the year 2000.

The LUCID network seeks to generate and provide the best available information on land-use change and natural resources to local, national and regional policy makers and to the development community, as well as to scientists concerned with global environmental change.

The team's major institutional partners include the International Livestock Research Institute, a CGIAR institution based in Nairobi, Kenya, the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, the University of Bordeaux 3 in France, and Michigan State University in the USA.

While the number of individuals participating in LUCID is constantly increasing, currently network participants come from the following institutions: the University of Nairobi, the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, the National Museums of Kenya, the United Nations Environment Programme, and the African Wildlife Federation.

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